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Yes, absolutely.
Each training session lasts 30 minutes and can be adapted to your timetable.

No because Sonia created this guide to enable you to train at home or wherever.

2 dumbells, a mat and a skipping rope.

No Sonia has included specific details for people who only wish to refit their body without losing weight.

It isn’t necessary but strongly recommended so as to better the results by having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Absolutely, you have healthy menus that can be adapted to the sports program but also to daily life, in order to check your weight and get the maximum results.

Yes because Sonia, who has a fast metabolism, wished to include a healthy lifestyle section if you are in the same case.

Yes absolutely.

Many programs of advice and propositions of meals are given so as to shape your body, respecting your diet.

Yes, prices in Euros will be automatically converted when you purchase.

Good news!

Sonia’s ebooks are available worldwide. yes The ebook is a book that you can read like a pdf.

After paying you receive an email of confirmation with the links from which you downloaded. You will therefore be able to use it immediately and at your convenience on your tablet, computer and phone or simply print it.

No problem!

We would be happy to send it again to you after checking your purchase. Thank you for sending an email with your information; please contact the support.

Count 1 to 3 days to receive my email of confirmation. If not, it means it is in the spam box.
If you use paypal as a means of payment we have used the email given by paypal to send you the guide.
If you don’t receive the confirmation email in 24 hours, please contact the support. You will be contacted within 3 days so as to sort out the situation.

No refund or exchange can be allowed. This is written on the general conditions. This is due to the pdf format, which cannot be given back after the sending of the downloaded link.


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