I see myself as a coach for 21st century women who have a life, maybe children, who are pressed for time but who all want to become the best version of themselves.


I’d like to tell you a bit more about my story. Ever since I was a child, sport was a big part of my life. I started with one year of volleyball then one year of basketball, one year of gymnastics and, at the age of 14, I even won a gold medal in regional athletics but it was only in 2010 that I discovered fitness …I knew I had found my true calling! It literally changed my lifestyle and my everyday mindset.

The physical and mental changes that came with my results after starting fitness prompted me to become an expert in this area, share my knowledge, inspire and motivate people who trust me, to show others that everything is possible with determination. I’ve now been doing this for 6 years.

I started out by sharing simple training exercises on social media, exercises that you can do at home with little or no equipment. I now have 3 million subscribers who I love to motivate every day so that they can reach their highest potential.


A few years later, huge demand by my community on social media led me to launch my own 12-week training program in 2014. This physical training program is suitable for beginners, doesn’t need a gym and only requires 30 minutes of physical effort a day. This is how TOP BODY CHALLENGE was born.


Why THIS NAME? A body that is in top shape for me is a body that is strong, resilient and in good health. In terms of looks, it’s a silhouette we can feel proud of, without anxiety, but that is 100% well-being, a far cry from the “dream body”. It’s all about becoming
the best version of yourself. The word challenge is in the name because it is a physical training program that requires rigor and determination, you can’t lie to yourself, you have to give 100% of yourself and get rid of excuses if you want to succeed the way you desire.

I have included two nutritional plans which I believe are essential to creating a better lifestyle. If you have balanced and non-restrictive diet that you can follow for the long term, half the work is already done.

One year after the launch of my first program, I started training to become a sports coach to add to my expertise. I released TOP BODY CHALLENGE 2 in March 2015 so that people who had finished number 1 could go on to the next level and continue their physical training.
Je l’ai accompagné de deux programmes nutritionnels, cela était indispensable pour un meilleur mode de vie, car une alimentation équilibrée, non stricte, tenant sur du long terme c’est déjà la moitié du chemin fait.

1an après la sortie de mon premier programme, je démarrais une formation de coach sportif afin de me perfectionner davantage , et je sortais le TOP BODY CHALLENGE 2 en mars 2015, afin que les personnes ayant fini le 1 puissent passer à un second niveau sportif et continuer leur parcours sereinement.


It’s nearly the end of 2016 and I am announcing the release of TOP BODY CHALLENGE 3 as well as updates to all my programs driven by a desire for you to enjoy the programs and to help you reach your goals as much as I can.

I have so many stories from Top Body Challengers, that I know for certain that to succeed in the training you need the DETERMINATION first and then that’s where I come in to give you a physical training program adapted to your level, using very little equipment, that can be done anywhere. This includes comprehensive explanations, video tutorials as well as simple and effective nutrition plans. All of this is thanks to you, a huge support community that is generous, always ready to help each other. The strength of TBC IS YOU.

TODAY, I have received hundred of thousands of stories, seen so many photos of physical transformations and amazing training. I have seen the progressive success of my participants and as a result I believe that everything is possible if you believe that it is and you work to get it.

I believe that we all have a role on this earth. I like to help people, listen to them, advise them, reassure them and motivate them, so I think my role was to start a support community and that yours is to grow it and become a source of inspiration yourself.


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