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I have very often started to do sports, but I have even more often dropped and relaxed my efforts. My physical activity never lasted more than a month. I preferred to give priority to a sedentary life, giving way to Coca-Cola, Au Nutella, pizzas …

I decided to take myself in hand and get back to the sport the day I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “this image of me no longer pleases me”
After that, I thought I needed some help in order to sculpt and redesign me as I understood it. That’s why after some research I found a fantastic sports program, the TBC, which I followed to the letter. With the sports program I also followed a food program, the

Top Body Nutrition and the Top Body Menus because as we must know the diet is inseparable from the sport if one wants to get good results. It’s been 2 years since I do sports in a normal, intensive, hyper intensive way. I’m like everyone else I’ve heard ups and downs, but I try to find motivation in every circumstance.

I just have a message for you, when you want one can! Started today to get the results tomorrow ❤️

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I was 100kg and I had just lost my mom when I got to the TBC, a need to regain my health and body in hand, after years of junk food, no physical activity and 2 pregnancies.

Combined with a balanced and healthier diet, I started the TBC 1, not without difficulty, but I never missed a session and did the sessions of cardio recommended by Sonia in the program (video of cardio on the net, race to Foot, bike), from the beginning and during those 12 weeks, I lost one kilo a week, a total of 12 kg and many centimeters less. At the end of this TBC 1, I recovered the shape gently, felt better in my body, so I chained directly with the TBC 2, in this number 2 the exercises change, the weights are heavier, it allows not to weary. During those other 12 weeks I continued the cardio, my balanced plates, and I lost 11 more pounds.

During these 6 months with the programs of Sonia I lost a total of 23kg and tens of centimeters. It allowed me in addition to this weight loss to draw me, to tone me, and thanks to the sport my skin recover better than a loss of weight without sport. Also, the TBC changed me physically but not that … it’s all my daily lifestyle that has changed, I love sports, I do not like to eat fat and sweet in abundance, I Stopped smoking, I now like to wander, play, run with my children, and finally I found confidence in me like what! Sport is definitely changing your life!

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My adventure with the TBC began on June 1, 2015. At the time, I was very bad at my skin but I did not think I could change.
I never really liked my body but after 2 pregnancies it was worse than anything. And a planned vacation with my beautiful family allowed me to finally LE click, at 30 years.
Looking for a “miracle” solution to lose my extra pounds before August, I came across the before / after TBC posted by Sonia on her Instagram account. I did not believe it at first and then I proved myself, week after week, that I was wrong and that all this was real.

In parallel with the TBC, I did 4 to 5 sessions of cardio per week and I totally reviewed my diet which was, until then, catastrophic.
It was not easy every day but I hung up and I did not let go until I reached my goal.
This program (and everything around it like the large community present on Instagram) carried me for several months and allowed me to finally feel good about myself.

If I had a piece of advice to give to all those who do not dare to embark on this adventure for fear of failing, it would be to believe in them and not to think too much. If others have succeeded, why not? This is the question I often asked myself when I had a drop in morale. And the obvious answer to the question “What more do they have than me?” Was always the same: motivation.

Become your best version in less than 12 weeks !

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